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By Freedom seeker (anonymous) | Posted February 01, 2012 at 15:15:01

When an individual employed by the Mafia takes money from you at gunpoint we call it "theft". When an individual employed by the State does so we call it "taxation".
If we can agree that theft is unethical then in order to believe that taxation is not we have to imagine a moral universe in which an individual, or group of individuals (citizens), can endow another group (employees of the State) with a right that they do not themselves have, that is the right to steal.
Now if it is ethical for State employees to steal in the here and now why would it be unreasonable for them to assure us that they and their successors will continue to do so in the future (to collect the funds necessary to repay the State debt)?
And if actual citizens alive now have no grounds for objection to being robbed by the State how can we say that some hypothetical citizen as yet unborn has a right not to be robbed by the State? or indeed that they have any rights whatever?

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