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By MattJelly (registered) - website | Posted February 08, 2012 at 13:45:45 in reply to Comment 73962

The $55 Million number, it should be noted, would be the cost of adding underground parking and another tower to the current building. The actual renovation/environmental/accessibility/building code compliance costs are much lower for 100 Main itself.

It was estimated that all seven sites which the board currently houses staff would cost a total of $44 Million for further use of all of those sites- $16 Million in upgrades, $28 Million in cumulative maintenance.

I'm still waiting for the board to break that number down for us- let's get the actual cost of basic renovation of each site, so we can have a fuller discussion about which sites are worth adapting, and which ones are too costly to restore. A number of the schools/former schools which are currently in use are in very poor shape- some of them far worse than 100 Main.

I think this is something the board should have made more clear in consultations with the public. When you bundle the reno costs of all seven sites, of course it seems more costly than building new. If a Mac/Board partnership would be approved, I think a solution that incorporates 100 Main is a feasible suggestion that needs serious consideration.

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