Comment 74176

By weird economics (anonymous) | Posted February 11, 2012 at 09:43:43 in reply to Comment 74162

Ok, so we settle for a 90 cent dollar to get lower unemployment. But then we keep all the bad habits that got us to 8% employment. So we lower the dollar to 80 cents to get lower unemployment. But we continue to avoid addressing our bad habits. So we settle for a 70 cent dollar... Where do you stop?

We could eventually elect someone who will address the problem but we won't. Because sadly the problems are not ones any of us want to talk about, as it would involve fewer regulations (the evil untrustworthy businessmen will run amok!), and less of a social net for young healthy workers (the poverty! the unfairness!), and higher standards in our schools (the cruelty to those students who aren't willing to learn enough to get the A's the hardworking students earn!).

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