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By jason (registered) | Posted February 11, 2012 at 22:17:44 in reply to Comment 74241

Great comments folks. I agree that it must be attractive to developers or we won't see much happen. With Whitestar being granted an 8-storey building high up on Bay St, I can't help but think that developers will gladly take CN to the OMB to gain permission to build buildings along Barton that are to the same height as Whitestar. I can see the Whitestar building becoming the 'ceiling' until the railyard is gone. One only need to go to Brooklyn or even look at my links above to the West Donlands to see how vibrant and dense a neighbourhood can be consisting mainly of 6-10 storey buildings. Urban design is paramount in creating a successful 'go-to' destination.

LoDo in Denver:

No reason a neighbourhood can't be full of life and commerce with low-mid rise buildings. It's all about the design:

The sort of pedestrian-friendly, green boulevards I'd like to see in the West Harbour:

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