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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 16, 2012 at 10:33:45 in reply to Comment 74477

Whether Delta loswa it's 'high school' status or not is one thing, but alternatively it should be labelled with a nice Blue historical designation plaque. The front half was all retrofitted with all new windows and it's a beautiful site to drive by. The back half not so much and I have never been inside but for that building to come down - once again at least the front, would be a crying shame. Memorial is a Ward 3 thing of beauty. I also love the open concept gymnasium/stage as well inside that structure.

As for SJAM, the brick work seems to be in great shape. I would hope it also would be sold on the stipulation of re-use. It never seemed like an ideal location for a high school. Delta works because it ties into a block that also has two elementary schools. The only downfall of that area is the lack of grades 6 through 8. A proper addition to AM Cunningham to remove those god-awful portables (they should be outlawed for schools), extend that school to say grade 6 and maybe make Delta 7 to 12 instead, does that help with space issues? We need space at AM Cunningham to continue the French Immersion in SK. I have more to say on that one but this block in particular and it's not just because I live there as it is likely my kids won't go to any of these schools because of outside circumstances and not because of area. These thoughts simply come from living in this area and thinking it could all be better.

I also would like to see them tear up some black top at Queen Mary and put some grass in there for pete's sake. It's a bright, colourful school that is nice inside. That is a big thing it's missing. Then let's buy that land across the street to the south for more parking for the school/drop-offs and pick ups. It's a nightmare during the closing bells.

We can do better.

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