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By TreyS (registered) | Posted February 16, 2012 at 21:08:14

Bishop, McHattie, Christopherson, Horwath, *(what do you get when 4 levels of government are NDP)? Nothing. Move the Board HQ from downtown Ward 2 to the suburbs, that's what.

As the thinking goes, "Don't bother the lefties with facts or reason". obviously this is good case study in NDP behaviour. Don't bother bothering a lefty Board of Ed trustee with facts or figures, they want and will do what they want.;.. and we keep voting for them... move to the mountain. What are the chances that this move, this anti-urban, anti-transit, anti-civic, anti-density will play any role with regards to getting re-elected so that this NDP slanted Trustee board will enjoy going to work across from Lime Ridge Mall.? Nothing. I guarantee the 4 elected officials mentioned at the beginning of this post will be re-elected. So shut-up. Move the Board to the mountain, because the voters have spoken.

Go ahead keep voting NDP like blind sheep. The NDP are moving this Board from downtown to the mountain. Admit it.

Judith Bishop -- NDP Todd White -- NDP Karen Turkstra -- NDP Alex Johnstone -- NDP Roert Barlow Tim Simmons Karen Turkstra

That's 6 out of 11 trustees. Thanks NDP. We will keep voting for you for doing nothing... until the day (industrial) unions are useless.

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