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By jason (registered) | Posted February 17, 2012 at 21:35:37 in reply to Comment 74495

it's a great story that needs to be repeatedly shared. Nowhere more than in the halls of the Board HQ. Strathcona was almost closed 10 years ago too, but parents got together and developed the SAGE program, and now the school is enjoying high enrolment thanks to the changing demographic. Where will all these kids and Central kids go to highschool?? A mega school near Ivor Wynne, or crammed into Westdale? Downtown Hamilton was home to the fastest growing census tract north of Rymal Road in the new census numbers. Yes, north of RYMAL. That's the entire old city.
Does the board really think that central/east Hamilton won't become the next ground zero for young families looking for solid, affordable homes as downtown real estate continues to climb out of reach?? Add LRT into the mix right through Delta's neighbourhood and downtown neighbourhoods and you see real potential for a family-boom in the lower city. Will the board buy up 100 homes and demolish them all in order to create a large enough parcel for a new school?? Surely we could see portions of Delta leased to private companies like we did with Central. It's a beautiful old building that would be attractive to various commercial firms.

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