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By Kiely (registered) | Posted February 21, 2012 at 16:12:21

76% approval for the plan on the Spec poll last I checked.

Our councillors seem to understand who ensures they keep getting paid… and newsflash, it is not the most progressive among us.

So if the current "resolution" is lacking whose fault is that exactly? Council's or the citizens' of Hamilton? Sometimes in a democracy if what the majority (or sometimes just a very vocal minority) wants is shit, we all get shit. You can blame the system, the politicians who represent us or the people they're representing... take your pick, but it's probably a bit of all 3. I guess as a politician you could mandate a resolution that may result in a reversal of the poll results but you will not be a successful politician flying in the face of a 76% majority for your (short) political career.

I thought this whole issue was making a landfill out of a "grocery bag" of garbage from the very beginning... but what do I know???

Maybe a little more history on how all this came about might help a bit Ryan? We hear the catalyst for all of this was illegal dumping, okay sure, but how bad is the problem? Where is it happening? Is it even household waste? How many complaints about illegal dumping did it take for council to rewrite our garbage collection rules? I guess at this point that is all moot… but to me this whole things stinks as bad as the subject matter.

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