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By theOther (registered) | Posted February 21, 2012 at 16:33:03 in reply to Comment 74586

You know what they say about statistics, right Kiely? So if you are a ward councillor of long-standing in, say, Ward 6, where I happen to live, and 5 or 6 chronic moaners whose lawns you employ for your election signs every 4 years get wound up about garbage bags, here's what you tell them: Call in to the bylaw office and register a complaint every time you see some indication of dumping in your travels. With no knowledge of the baseline of complaints prior to this year or last, I'm thinking that in very short order you can make it look like a catastrophic increase. Anecdotally, though, based on my personal observations made walking along the brow and trail most days, there has been no noticeable increase at all. We need a Council with the stones to lead and educate, but we keep electing ward-heeling ciphers like Councillor Jackson. As you note, though, it's absolutely on us. Remember when Hamilton called itself 'Ambitious'?

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