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By Kiely (registered) | Posted February 22, 2012 at 08:19:50 in reply to Comment 74591

With no knowledge of the baseline of complaints prior to this year or last, I'm thinking that in very short order you can make it look like a catastrophic increase.

Exactly, this is what I'm wondering theOther, all of a sudden this issue got propelled on to some sort of crisis-fast-track and I have no clue what the real issue even is. Is it really the rampant dumping of household garbage? How many complaints were there?

And I do understand what you are saying about councillors who lead and educate but in this city a lot of them would be one and done just like our last mayor... hard to fault savvy politicians for knowing what sort of ground they're standing on. In Hamilton we may call them Ward heelers but that is not the definition of a politician that works on part of his constituents,(even to the detriment of the city at large), so that is becoming a bit of a misleading term. Some of them most definitely are ward-heelers but it is not for putting the concerns of their ward residents above the city's. This is "democracy" and most people that vote probably expect their elected officials to represent their wishes.

I am a believer that in general people get the politicians they deserve, this city is no different. Maybe it is simply too much to expect our elected officials to give much of a damn about anything that happens outside their ward when the people who elected them don't?

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