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By highwater (registered) | Posted February 22, 2012 at 19:32:20 in reply to Comment 74658

What would the reaction have been had the HWDSB simply said: 'Guess what; we're building at Crestwood! End of discussion!'?

Since that is essentially what happened, the reaction would be exactly what you are seeing now.

When the public was consulted back in 2007, we expressed the overwhelming desire for the board to stay downtown. The trustees followed suit by voting to stay downtown. Unfortunately the democratic portion of the process ended there.

Board staff who favoured a site with plentiful free parking closer to their residences, then developed a consultation process (announced in a closed session) designed to exclude the voices of the families they serve, and the taxpayers who would be footing the bill, who wanted the board to stay downtown. At no time were any open calls put out to either parents or the public to participate in this process.

Crestwood was then announced as a fete accompli. Taxpayers and the families who the board is supposed to be serving are rightfully calling them on it.

It may very well be too late to change the result of this flawed process. But parents I talk to are angry, and I know of at least two trustees who are likely to face organized opposition come re-election time.

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