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By DBG (anonymous) | Posted February 28, 2012 at 06:27:47

I love history, and I really enjoy stories of historical properties.. Everything tells a tale
in a city's growth and development.
I would be up in arms if a developer was coming along to tear down Dundurn castle to put
up a bunch of town homes on the Dundurn site. That's worth a fight!

A bigger fight right now.. We need an LRT, I'd even throw in getting rid of the height restriction of future buildings lifted!!!

When it comes to the BOE property, I'm sorry.....
I would rather see the Mac medical campus take it's place..

We saved City Hall if you consider that saving.. We saved the Lister block..
We cannot have our cake and eat it too..

Hamilton has so many beautiful historic properties, and I feel we are standing in the way of
progress on something that looks terrible in my eyes especially in the location that it
An urban feild full of dandy lions in the summer, on grounds that would look remarkable
being filled in with a street wall..
How can a city change if everyone is up in arms about any development?
What makes this building so special?
Yes.. It's unique..
Yes.. the inside is beautiful..

To state the obvious, it's stale, and too many open areas especially with the unimaginative
redeveloped grounds of City Hall across the street. It truly is a dead zone, and there was no
thought put in to this project back in the 60's especially on the land it sits on..

Terrible waste of space..

I bet if and when this Mac thing comes to into being, Main and Bay.. King and Bay will have more people presence
in its place..
We're all entitled to our opinions, and I really don't mind my tax monies going into a project such as this, where
many people of Hamilton, as well as future medical staff will benefit or make a differance in this area where nothing
is thriving right now..
I feel if there is something worth saving.. Then save the pieces that should be saved or re-incorporated into new
contruction or space of the BOE's new home.. Wood.. decorative features etc.. Keep the past in it's changing growth
towards the future!

I would be opposed if it were coming down for a parking lot, but its need is no more..
Its one time beauty had it's use, and if not now will come down when we are all long gone!

I truly hope to see this new development come to pass, as it will fit into Hamilton's future as a service, and growing industry
of healthcare, our new steel!
I'm sure this new project will have many more spin-offs then the non-functional property that currently stands..

Let's save our energy on keeping the BOE downtown then the shell they want to leave....
I'm sure Manhattan Island looked very different long ago..

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