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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted March 05, 2012 at 08:39:08

I agree that we should look at this with some seriousness and without the wounds of Pan Am past lingering over our shoulders.

That figure is oddly close to what we were willing to spend for a facility that was much harder to justify as community use than baseball pitches.

How many does Bernie Harbour seat now? Does upgrading it make it a future option for an even higher level ball team? Baseball at the minor league level is pretty big in our city. It along with soccer, is simply much more affordable for families to enroll our kids in.

Do we still have that $5M 'sitting' there from the Veledrome file or have we assigned it to the Seniors Centre for Ward 3?

I think recent events also tell us we have some signififant issues on our mtn accesses. Sherman looks like its next to give out.

Still, do we need upgrades to our baseball diamonds? Does someone footing half the bill if we are looking $14M for upgrades total, benefit us? Surely we don't need some of what we'd get for that price but how does it pay off? Could we be a hot spot for large baseball tournaments with that many pitches with bleachers?

From the spectator level, surely many more would watch it over cycling including me. I enjoy baseball and would definately check out a few games. I would have checked out cycling too out of curiosity but I am certainly more partial to outdoor events. Including football/baseball over my favorite sport hockey, indoors.

Of course there is that 'veledrome would have been all year use' versus just the spring/summer/fall.

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