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By Alex Patterson (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2007 at 16:18:44

If police really wanted to ensure the safety of cyclists they'd start putting officers on bicycles without the tell-tale yellow jackets and simply have them ride around town for a few hours at a time. Every time I ride my bike I lose count of traffic infactions by cars around me, many of which endanger my life, not to mention the numerous vocal THREATS made against me. Perhaps if it were publicized that many of Hamilton's cyclists were infact police in disguise, people would be more hesitant to behave so badly.

That said, it's time to review many of our bycicle laws - riding the "wrong way" on a desolate residential street, or stopping, surveying and proceding with caution at a red light in a deserted intersection is no more dangerous than jaywalking in said situations. These kinds of enforcement blizes are nothing but cash grabs which blame the victims of car carnage.

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