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By frustrated cyclist (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2007 at 16:26:05

i am an avidt cyclist who has been in multiple accidents with cars in this city and fully realise the damage a car can do to a cyclist and therefore treat stop lights and signs as such a place to stop look/wait for a clearing and then proceed but perhaps while judging the cycling habits of others they should take a good look at their own cycling habits they think that because they are police they should not be required to follow the rules that they are trying to enforce other cyclists to abide by i see police on bike constantly riding down crowded sidewalks and riding the wrong way down one way streets now i will admit that sometimes there is a need for such behaviour if they really have somewhere to get in a hurry but when they are very obviously cruising and going no where fast they should be following the rules that they are trying to enforce its a little hypocritical dont you think to hand out a ticket for something you were doing yourself five minutes earlier

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