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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted March 27, 2012 at 15:29:42 in reply to Comment 75469

The history isn't so easy to find. It's another example of how our city homepage fails us in conneciting us to our past. Or better yet, an example of how we can help that site link to our history better.

Gore Park

1 Hughson Street South. Gore Park consists of two somewhat triangular parcels of land in the city's downtown core. The section between James and Hughson has benches, flower beds, a statue of Queen Victoria, and an ornamental fountain -- a replica of the park's original Victorian fountain. The portion between Hughson and John has a cenotaph, a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, and a raised grass area with a concrete perimeter for seating. The south side of both sections has stops for buses running between the Mountain and the lower city.

A link here to a full detailed history would be great. For all our parks. They have name beneficiaries. What's the history? These are the histories we should be feeding our kids.

Ah ha! Here it is.

I'd like to know in general, how our community feels about our ties to the Monarch. Just saying.

I'll tell you though that I have no connection to the Monarch and perhaps the Gore is a negative way to refer to this central gathering, greeen, symbolic space.

From my standpoint from the story linked to above, a name such as The Hamilton Peoples Square would be more appropriate to celebrate and be a constant reminder of, the power of peoples voices.

I also realized that I wasn't too sure I knew a heck of a lot about Mr. Hamilton himself -

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