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By theOther (registered) | Posted March 29, 2012 at 19:17:08 in reply to Comment 75482

Hi, haven't checked in for some time. Seems like you're a hard man with whom to agree. My take on 'history' is that it represents an ever-changing version of previous events as told by the victors/survivors and their successors and apologists. In the past week, Iv'e heard an astro-physicist declare that the most significant event of the 1960's (for everyone on Earth) was the first moon landing, and an historian posit without irony that we owe a debt to the Fenians for their part in the glorious 'war' of 1812. Both absolutely subjective positions that I decline to accept as my own, along with much of the received wisdom concerning how this concept called 'Canada' came about and continues to pertain. [But let there be no doubt that my family and I are among the luckiest primates ever to have been born here]. I should have known that concluding remark would draw (friendly ...?) fire, but the issue is only tangential to the topic. Good luck sir and play on.

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