Comment 75599

By old observer (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2012 at 14:06:08

Joey 75598--We knew and know the "inside" ref well--yorkregion and the Star covered this fully, and CATCH brought it to Hamilton's attention, but/and York Region's reporting still deserves special note, esp. within the same empire as the Hamilton daily thing. Recall that York council events were very much about actual prosecutions--the real thing, Linda Jackson & others involved.
Thanks for your reply. Though, Kevin Werner could use a proofreader/fact clarifier/helper on some occasions--maybe that's on his bosses, not him--since you mentioned it. They've also got Leitner, Craig Campbell, and several others, who are ALLOWED to do a good & useful job. The editors there are open to interesting, valid ideas. They often scoop the Hamilton daily even with limited space--over years, that is.

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