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By interestingon fed&ONTbudgets (anonymous) | Posted April 09, 2012 at 15:28:28

COMMENTS on recent Federal & Ontario BUDGETS

News NOW Magazine last Thurs., NOW | April 5-12, 2012 | VOL 31 NO 32
Canada’s taste for waste
Don’t look for economic productivity in either Liberal or Conservative budgets
By Wayne Roberts
....---Ontario’s budget is just as dim-witted. Its failure to increase energy purchasing from the local economy, via wind and sun, and its lack of interest in economy-stimulating retrofitting and conservation only exacerbate the financial hemorrhaging that goes with relying on oil from elsewhere. This isn’t restraint: it’s willingness to waste and squander.

Instead of pushing the local energy economy, the Libs will increase revenue from gambling and boozing. Give me the lunacy of the GOP leadership race, which is at least good entertainment in a sort of sick, Survivor kind of way, over this moronic substitution of unhealthy and morale-destroying revenue creation for real economic development.

The attack on public service pensions is beneath contempt, as anyone knows who is aware of the function they serve. These pensions ensure career-long commitment to the public service even when, as during an economic boom, the sector’s wages lag far behind those in the private realm. Over a career of service, the costs and savings balance out, while the public gains a civil service with cost-free institutional memory and commitment.

This recession has lasted so long that many have forgotten the wisdom of boom times, but one function of the civil service used to be to counsel governments against bad policy based on brainless prejudices and resentments fanned by the ignoramuses at the Toronto Sun.

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