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By Loupe (anonymous) | Posted April 09, 2012 at 20:08:49 in reply to Comment 75805

The government's renewable energy contracts offered pie-in-the-sky returns and that was the Achilles heel of the whole program, even more than the NIMBYism that stalls windfarms time and again. I'm all in favour of green energy, but the Liberals' game plan has been blind to the impact of their incentivization of the sector. This was underlined in no uncertain terms by the Auditor General's Annual Report and the Drummond Report. FIT/MicroFIT are examples of profligate policy that, amazing, entirely skirted consultation with the energy sector. If you're looking for "willingness to waste and squander," take a gander at the hydro dynamic that has hydro consumers bridge the gap between market rates and contracted guarantees. (The retrofitting and conservation initiatives, if memory serves, were a federal initiative.)

Speaking of ganders, I won't even touch the radioactive potato that is public sector union arbitration, except to agree that there is a golden goose in there somewhere. It's far from clear, however, if there is only one hand holding the fatal blade.

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