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By Venti Rd (anonymous) | Posted April 11, 2012 at 06:38:52

I agree that Tims should be fully represented. Anyone who thinks that there aren't meaningful discussions or diruptive schemes hatched in TH franchises across the city needs their head screwed on straight. These are legitimate third spaces where you will find the face Hamilton without makeup.

Moreover, from a tourism standpoint, you best believe that visitors ask about familiar chains far more frequently than they do indie coffeeshops. For one thing, they keep hours that few other shops do. It's handy to know about Red Hill or Columbian Coffee, but if you're unable to align your caffeination needs with market hours, you're going to hit up Second Cup, Country Style, or Tim Hortons.

Suggestion? Create a field of locations that can be activated or deactivated, but don't disown an iconic element of the city's heritage.

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