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By Fred STreet (anonymous) | Posted April 13, 2012 at 15:11:36

"Let's not rest on our laurels for too long."

Indeed. We need to improve response time.

The Lister was dormant for 10-11 years before there was serious action on the file (and another six since then), and it took the threat of a wrecking ball to make it happen. That's not the best way of being proactive, and certainly not a strategy without substantial risk.

I'll leave aside consideration of the limitations of massive public investment being a game-changing precondition to architectural preservation, as is so often the case (though not with City Hall or, perhaps, the B of E).

That said, it has been nice and not a little surreal to see the block returning to life. So for today, let's enjoy a lucky Friday the 13th and lavish a little more love on Lady Lister.

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