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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted April 13, 2012 at 17:24:04

To play devil's advocate on this one, if every building renewal project got a $7 million dollar grant from the province, I'm sure you'd see a LOT more renewal cases occurring in Hamilton. Not to say I that I think the Lister Block didn't deserve it (although I do wish they could have found a way to make the three corner window dressings the same material/color as the rest of the building). I'm just saying, it's not something that a developer or a city can always count on happening.

Anyways, I do appreciate Mr. Jelly setting the record straight on just who was for demo and who now has done a positional 180 on the subject. As a side note, how the heck does the Connaught, the hotel that used to host the NHL board of governors meeting and where the Hamilton Tiger's rivals stayed and location that was integral to the development of radio broadcasting in Canada and a former home of the oldest radio station in English Canada not have a heritage designation?

I'll openly admit, I'm against giving a building a heritage designation just because it's old, but there is real history, interesting architecture to go with the building in this case.

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