Comment 76062

By RB (registered) | Posted April 19, 2012 at 13:54:01 in reply to Comment 76021

So if a society is (mostly) made up of a single, like-minded culture, then it is doomed? Wow... then how has society survived for so many years? And continues to do so?

So if I'm in a city with a bunch of other similarly-cultred folks, we're screwed? Sounds like someone is trying to push the "if you don't attract immigrants, then you're screwed" angle quite harshly. I guess that's what happened to all the other countries that have mono-cultures...

Japan must have actually been a third-world country for centuries then... poor mono-cultural country. Must be tough not being smart enough to create any technological breakthroughs over the years... wait a minute...

I usually agree with most of the stuff you post, Mahesh (a very unpopular stance on RTH), but this is bordering on hate-speech.

Interesting how nobody else is even touching this one... very interesting...

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