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By Orgone (anonymous) | Posted April 30, 2012 at 08:42:17

Good read and I admire the thought, but it the trajectory of health care spending in Ontario is not exclusively tied to "inactivity and related health issues like heart disease, obesity and diabetes."

The aging of baby boomers, along with delayed senesence in their parents' generation means people are living much longer after age 65 than they did in previous generations. That telescopes costs and exerts unusual pressures on the system (Drummond's earlier Benefactors Lecture for the CD Howe Institute -- -- not only promotes the cause of preventative health initiatives and spotlights contributing socio-economic factors but also notes the aymmetric stresses on community, chronic/ALC/long-term care in a system that has overwhelmingly treated acute care facilities as the be-all and end-all) and the attendant stresses on resources that come with that.

Other considerations would be the fact that professional compensation is going strong (on average, up $164K per doctor since 2003) and we're operating with a thousand-doctor shortage -- around 927,000 Ontarians don't even have a family doctor.

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