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By Orgone (anonymous) | Posted April 30, 2012 at 10:24:53

Oh, dr_gs are definitely part of it. The fact that doctors are maxed out in terms of time-per-patient probably aggravates this. When I was a kid, I can remember doctors' visits that might have lasted 10-15 minutes on average, and now it's maybe 5 at the outside.

Because they are geared toward outputs rather than outcomes, doctors have scrips holstered at the ready and lots of samples to sprinkle around. Things that would have been mundane in generations of yore (loneliness, shyness, being a bratty/sulky teenager) have been put through the symptomization grinder to the point where introversion or adolescence are seen as correctable ailments. It's a lot easier to prescribe Pr_zac than it is to facilitate a series of life changes that would deliver a comparable end result. (The fact that we as a society seem to expect life to deliver highs more regularly than lows, and deliver on-demand, is another fundamental distortion that works in favour of big ph_rma.)

BTW, I'm not in any way disputing the merits of improved infrastructure for active living, or skeptical of the merits of widespread biking culture. Just suggesting that there is some complexity to the province's healthcare/budget mess.

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