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By Rebar (anonymous) | Posted May 04, 2012 at 09:39:59

While we're working toward greater clarity, we should also acknowledge that Denis Vranich is not Darko Vranich and that, AFAIK, Hess Village Real Estate is not a Vrancor Group holding. Darko is the owner/president/CEO of Vrancor Group/Construction/Hospitality. Denis is Darko's son, it is true. But does Denis work for Vrancor in any official capacity? If so, can someone draw the connections more clearly? Judging someone as guilty based on their own actions is one thing, but judging them guilty based on the actions of another is another. If we're splitting hairs on moral fibre, we'll want to keep these arguments above-board, lest we betray our own frailties in the process.

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