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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted May 04, 2012 at 13:40:09

This isn't about who owns which end of which business in particular (Darko, Dennis, Diana etc). Development in this town is controlled by a very small number of prominent firms/families/friends and elites (eg: Effort Trust, LIUNA etc). Individual ownership of firms/projects if often in flux, but it isn't hard to follow the names involved. As has been said before, most of these developers have some degree of bad reputation, but none really compare to those of the Vranich family, in more ways than I've got space to name.

My problem is not that someone with a criminal record is being given public funds. My problem is that 98% of this town's population never has a chance at such loans in the first place. These loans institutionalize firms like Vrancor, and if there's a lack of others able to develop buildings and properties downtown, it's because they keep being given large chunks of our money.

BTW: Dennis no longer directly owns the Rok Bar, which I should clarify. That's been a long an sordid saga, including assaults, operating without a licence and allegations of unpaid wages (under both new and old owners). Is this the kind of development we want downtown?

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