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By Freiburger (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2012 at 08:14:35

I hear ya Adrian and Graham. I think I might have to take events like this off my calendar for my own sanity. I love hearing from great speakers - my organization is even guilty of adding to the fray by bringing Kuwabara and the late Jim Green to our community for a chat about seizing potential in the core. While the audience seems to strong, we are the converted.

I also found it a little disturbing how much talk focused on the ability of the new comers to Hamilton to change the scene. Somehow it felt that the implication was that long-time local residents have sat in a stupor while our city has fallen apart - that we have no ideas - no ambition. For those who have been working hard that hurts.

While I'm not going this year I'll look forward to your coverage of the Economic Summit Adrian. Boosterism awaits you.

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