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By Fleet (anonymous) | Posted May 08, 2012 at 08:50:58

Maybe it's cynical, but I've always thought the equation for City Hall was relatively simple: The people who live downtown are, for the most part, economically and politically disenfranchised, and relatively low in number (one fifth of ward 2 population and around 2% of Hamilton's population), while the policy is being driven -- literally -- by the majority who see downtown streets as an thoroughfare and not a "third space".

Single and childless (50% of downtown dwellers) renters (85% of downtown dwellers) who make less than $20K a year (64% of downtown dwellers) are easier for policymakers to ignore than families (average household income ~$70K) who own their homes.

Off-hand, I would imagine this is how trucks trump strollers on Cannon.

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