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By CaptainKirk (anonymous) | Posted May 08, 2012 at 10:56:45

Gotta say that when I first heard the idea of converting James and John back to two way, I was against it. Having lived my entire life (51 years) in Hamilton, I always thought the timed traffic lights and our one way street systems were terrific.

I thought converting back to two ways would make no difference. Boy, was I wrong. James St N. is amazing during (and not during) art crawls, and many times I'll go out of my way to drive/cruise down there when i'm passing by, just to experience James St N.

Sure it's slower to drive now, but so what? As I explain this to others who don't like the thought of slower traffic on James N., I ask them, "How much longer does it really take to travel along James? A couple minutes? A few minutes?"

Certainly not a significant amount of time to make you late for anything.

Yes, John slows down and backs up somewhat at the bottom of the Jolley Cut, but it's well worth allotting the extra 5 minutes in your car trip so that the urban fabric can heal itself from the wounds the freeway butchering that took place wit the advent of one way conversions.

Isn't it well established that James and John Streets are much better now? Why re we not jumping at the prospect of "fixing" the rest of our one ways.

What do you think the people of Dundas would say if we converted there downtown King st to one way?

Why is downtown Dundas so wonderful?

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