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By Kiely (registered) | Posted May 08, 2012 at 15:24:23 in reply to Comment 76625

Perhaps Captain, but here's the dilemma I see... you rarely get people to move from their entrenched positions by calling them ignorant. The other problem is many of the people that need to change their ideologies in order for progressive change to occur do not believe they are ignorant because they are the followers of the accepted dogma and rhetoric of the past 60 years, a 60 year span that made our entire culture/society one of ignorance. You needn't look farther than the comments left right here on RTH to see many of these people deeply and truly believe it is the progressives who are ignorant… sadly these beliefs are manufactured by our "culture."

So here is the catch-22. I can't disagree that ignorance abounds but I have a hard time seeing a solution treating the problem as one of ignorance; where the ignorant need to be cajoled, coerced, educated or forced into accepting enlightenment. The way I see it the nature of their condition makes self-realization the only way forward for them.

It is almost like somehow we need to make them think it was their idea before they'll realise it's a good idea... Pardon the facetiousness.

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