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By Katie Jensen (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2012 at 07:26:57

I love Hamilton. I moved there to go to McMaster University in 2006 and lived in little pockets of the city surrounding the campus (near Ancaster, in Westdale, on Locke St.) for five years. I only moved out when the commute to Toronto became unbearable. It broke my heart a bit to leave the city I love so much, but the commuting was a strain on both my financial state and physical health. Hamilton rent may be appealingly low, but the combined price with Go Transit fare, gasoline, and HSR fare (depending on where in Hamilton you choose to commute from) adds up to equal the rent of a one-bedroom place in Toronto. Except a place in Toronto allows you to save all that time that would've been spent commuting by actually venturing out into the community and appreciating arts and culture.

I think a major contributor to livening up the city would be to improve the transit infrastructure within and into Hamilton. If you can't mimic the job potential of Toronto (and that's okay - nobody is expecting Oakville or Ajax to replace or mimic Toronto's workforce either) then please make it more commuter friendly. Having to take a City Bus to catch a GO Bus to catch a Train is a bit too much for lugging my lunchbag and work laptop and bored-commuter accessories around.

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