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By Jenn Green (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2012 at 10:31:24 in reply to Comment 76727

I completely agree, Katie. Having traveled to Europe on two separate occasions, one of the many aspects I loved so much about European life was public transportation. Their train system--sans strike--is amazing! Then you come to Canada where it's quite the hassle to travel long distances using public transportation. To be honest, not even long distances--try traveling to Hamilton any time other than the morning (many transfers and waiting around when a simple adjustment of the time that a bus departs from Niagara could solve this problem). Hope is on the way, however. Canadians are getting the hint that people love public transportation. For me, it's a matter of finances--it's a heck of a lot cheaper traveling to Toronto to see friends using public transportation than it would be if I had a car of my own and drove (by myself, mind you). Actually, public transportation had a major effect on my choice of living arrangements in Hamilton this fall--chose a place literally right across the street from the Hamilton Go Station, downtown. :O)

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