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By SeanD (registered) | Posted May 11, 2012 at 13:16:02

"a concept for a community-owned grocery store" - " a cooperative ownership model, and nurturing a thriving urban food culture."

I think this dynamic, is what is missed in previous comments, it's promoting a community-owned not privately owned place for basic sustenance and so can work outside the confines of the usual economic model.

The mustard seed, famously in christianity a symbol of the smallest of things growing thru simple maintenance and care into something might and self replicable, is a great name for this "project".

I think the people who are enacting this idea do however need to more specifically as to their intentions as i feel there is a latent ambiguity as to weither this would be (in part at least) a charitable venture? As well as a community hub to get to know ones Nabours etc. and it will no doubt add to the already exquisite variety of foods on offer in the Hamilton area.

The emphasis is Community i think, not the so called "food desert".

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