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By ENBertussi (registered) - website | Posted May 16, 2012 at 16:30:27

To all the human beings who identify them selves as "Drivers" please don't wait for more excuses to 'not come downtown' stay in your suburban former farmland homes, get jobs in your former food baring lands and yes please stay the hell away from downtown.

Downtown does not need your auto-centric consumer oriented sprawl loving energy sucking life force any more today than it did 80 years ago when automotive culture began to sprawl this wonderful city using up more of it's awesome greenspace and farmer fields that once fed it's people almost exclusively.

As you import your food into your refrigerator after it gets exported from china to your local big box store ask yourself this:

How much is my hate of a healthy downtown and my love of automotive convenience culture going to cost my grandchildren? How long can the life I lead be sustained with the amount of energy my life style uses every day?

What the 1950's saw was our culture our human culture high-jacked by corporate culture, by the automobile, and very directly by GMAC, they got rid of Street Cars/LRTs for they knew that we Humans would not enjoy being bus passengers, they did this not so much to sell cars but to ensure that your love of cars would ensue a love of sub urban sprawl, where GMAC made more money than god helping convert Greenfields into filled fields filled with auto loving suburban gas guzzling credit card using consumers, who watch TV all night learning about what next desire for 'goods' and 'products' they'll have manifested for their next pay cheque.

What the information age has taught is that we are indeed teachable, and with a little bit of effort we can re-wash our own brains when we act like humans and not so much robots that are programmed to buy crap at the lowest price even if it means we drive half way across and all over hells half acre seeking to satiate our obsession with the high cost of low prices, as our programmers from TV land insisted we do...

The triumph of our culture is to include Humans in the way and form we shape the way and form of our environment, if you want hyper efficient transportation, then look to some old fashioned technology and mash it with MAGLEV so you get

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