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By Quetzalcoatl Logicl (anonymous) | Posted May 24, 2012 at 15:09:45

My guess is that the Downtown BIA lobbied for Main & Cannon to get taken off the trucking routes knowing that it's a good bargaining position -- Cannon is at the edge of their jurisdiction, so my guess is that they care more about change on Main.

Cannon is an orphan ta the moment. IMHO, James North's resistance to the idea of a BIA is arguably impeding its ability to lobby for the change that the neighbourhood so clearly craves.

As far as surveys go, if you're doing anything meatier than the infinitely game-able Survey Monkey and its ilk (ie. if you want your findings to have more value than as entertainment), you're into funding and staffing considerations. And that alone might have prevented a proper follow-up.

That said, the window for findings was early enough to have nominal value. They should have committed to a series of follow-ups, maybe every 4 years, which keeps pace with election cycles and the water-torture pace of urban redevelopment in Hamilton.

Had they done so, we'd have a much more interesting picture. As it stands, this is like a MySpace headshot.

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