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By no contiuous ring (anonymous) | Posted May 25, 2012 at 14:27:27

I agree but the question is still how to get to the Burlington Street option. Surely we can discuss how that can be accomplished while still addressing the legitimate complaints of Main West being unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. Logical alternatives are needed if traffic is diverted from this stretch especially for those that live and work in central Hamilton. If Main becomes too slow traffic simply shifts to York/Wilson and Aberdeen. That may be good for Main but what about York/Wilson. If we make York/Wilson too slow afterwards doesn't the traffic simply turn down James to get to Burlington? One thing for sure is that traffic won't simply disappear or re-route to the 403/QEW. It will find a way through even if the detour is complex and even if local advocacy groups try to discourage it.

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