Comment 77328

By jason (registered) | Posted May 25, 2012 at 21:15:23 in reply to Comment 77322

This must be Bill Kelly or John Dolbec... "abandon their cars"?? Really? We're talking about leaving 4 lanes of CAR traffic in each direction...just split evenly on two streets, instead of on one-ways. Nobody here has even brought up the lack of any connecting bike lanes in Hamilton, skinny sidewalks that barely fit two people and a horrendous built environment from a pedestrian perspective - trees, benches, soft landscaping etc.... I dream of a day where we lose 1 lane on each of these streets for 2-way bike lanes, but I'm not an idiot. This is Hamilton. As you've just proven, converting a street to normal, North American-standard, two-way traffic brings out all sorts of hysteria about 'abandoning cars' and 'war on cars' etc.....

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