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By DrAwesomesauce (registered) | Posted May 29, 2012 at 20:54:50 in reply to Comment 77539

I shouldn’t but just can't ignore that comment.

Firstly, you seem to be suggesting some sort of conspiracy whereby teachers are dictating what happens at the negotiating table between CP and the government. That's wild...

Secondly, teachers will be ordered back to work - immediately - so don't worry about that. It's all part of the game that you have to play every few years.

Thirdly, teachers do live in a different world. A world so completely beyond what most can imagine that it beggars belief. Anybody who thinks teachers don't deserve the 'astounding' salaries they receive [~35.000 / yr. to start], ask to volunteer in the classroom at your local school. The shocking amount of disrespect and sometimes even violence that teachers have to endure on a daily basis will blow your mind…or perhaps not! Given the tone of your response, it’s no wonder kids behave the way they do; they learn it at home. Sure, some schools are fantastic but even then the workload is a serious issue.

Teacher salaries, by the way, are almost entirely contingent upon how much professional development they undertake. That means evenings and summers studying at Mac or online. And we’re not talking one year here. It can take years and years and thousands of dollars to max-out your salary. Nobody just ‘shows up’ in the teaching profession. It’s a full-on commitment.

Believe me when I say that no teacher wants to strike. But as I already stated, when the government says that they’re not even going to give a cost-of-living increase, it forces the union’s hand. There are few other possible outcomes.

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