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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted May 29, 2012 at 23:12:05

From the first Spec story: “We feel that the Crestwood site being the actual centre, by a couple of lots, of the city of Hamilton would still bring positive development to the city and to our stakeholders and students,” Simmons said. “It’s near major arteries and it’s on public transit lines.”

Sounds like a sensible, logical statement to me. /sarcasm

Suppose the "actual centre" was located out in the harbour - would they invest in a floating island complex, and claim "it's near major shipping lanes and freely accessible by canoe from any direction"

In all seriousness, who is the board accountable to? Is there even a basic understanding among them of their connection (as the school board) to the social fabric of the city, and ultimately how their decisions affect the development of the people whose hands will guide the city's future?

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