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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 31, 2012 at 10:31:09 in reply to Comment 77645

" resultant success to force the board to stay downtown."

I think that's a pretty good place to start with this discussion. Because that was never going to happen. And to a certain extent, it never should have been expected to.

We simply do not have the degree of engagement, of energized residents to have been capable of making this happen. (Although I'll admit that if we *had* possessed those attributes, and they had been in place for a long enough time, before all 'this' came to a head, then it never would have unfolded as it has.)

Yes, we've had some great articles here, on The Hamiltonian, yes, Graham Crawford has continued to produce some provocative posters highlighting the anger and frustration of those aligned with the cause, yes, facebook activity has been intriguing, yes, there have been efforts such as 'We Need 3' to increase awareness about school closings and the such, and yes, this all has been covered on 'The O Show', on Laura Babcock's 'Laircast'...but despite all this, the fact is that there simply isn't the infrastructure in place to have been able to marshall the troops and create a real dialogue...even if the cause stood a fighting chance. We aren't even close to taking our rightful place at the local governance table. No matter how good it makes us feel to get caught up in righteous indignation.

And I hate to be a complete drag, but the fact of the matter is that the answer to your question 'Who really cares if the Board stays downtown or not?' is 'Not nearly as many Hamiltonians as you'd like to believe.' (I spend an inordinate amount of my time engaged in 'community activism' -on my own terms- and *I* don't care if they stay downtown.)

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