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By CouldWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 31, 2012 at 11:02:40 in reply to Comment 77652

Sorry Anonymous, I reject your generalizing...even though I understand where it comes from.

I'm going to come to Matt's defence here. I only have a slim understanding of Matt's endeavours, but I can tell you that he's contributing in sizable ways to the betterment of the city. His involvement with the Central Neighbourhood Association. His radio show. His blog. The continuation of the garbage crawl efforts, his particiopation in food drives at Art Crawls every well as background stuff that he's undoubtedly quite involved with. Matt's not Superman. He can poke and prod and comisserate and nudge and cajole...and maybe even inspire those 'average' residents hs comes in contact with to do some of the same. But I think it's unfair to judge him based on how little authentic activism you seem to think is going on in Hamilton.

Further, while he's still young, I think he's picked up sufficient experience to know that you can't be fighting the fight 24/7/365, and so he's probably migrating to another phase of his 'activism'. One that may, or may not include fighting the fight in another role.

I agree to a certain extent about 'someone needs to take the lead': I happen to believe this is the role of an entrenched system of Neighbourhood Associations. So as far as the rest of the city goes, getting people's mindsets changed, shifting the way they see themselves in the governance process, getting them truly's a real endeavour. (One that simply does not currently have a central thrust.) The key to attaining critical mass, to overcoming our inertia, as I've said elsewhere already today, is 'simple', but it's not 'easy'.

There are lots of things going on in the background of this city. Seeds being planted, ground being tilled, all that. Have faith. We are at early days of this new stage of this 'increased community/civic engagement' thing, so I respectfully reject entirely your notion of 'letting it go already'.

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