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By lorne (registered) - website | Posted May 31, 2012 at 12:43:33

Matt said: I find it frustrating that our Trustees, many of whom would describe themselves as progressives, do not seem to be motivated to support progressive development in Hamilton. They do not seem to think these broader city-building objectives ought to apply to their narrow institutional ego.

I too am very disappointed with the short-shortsightedness and selfishness of the board decision, but I think your observation about their narrow institutional ego is an apt explanation for their abandonment of the core. While the board says the relocation will not cost taxpayers any money because it will be funded by the sale of existing properties, what it fails to acknowledge because of that ego is the fact that the properties are not owned by the board, but rather the area's taxpayers, who have been clearly left out of the entire process.

The decision is consistent with my own worldview on institutional behavour - the longer an institution exists, the more self-serving and corrupt it becomes.

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