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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted June 01, 2012 at 09:31:20 in reply to Comment 77718

Removing buildings is not going to make people want to walk next to 5 lanes of 50-60km/hr traffic.

How long have the turn restrictions been in place on Queen? It takes some time for regular users to adapt and once they do, equilibrium is restored. If it takes 10% more time to travel a stretch of road, it is worth it if 10% of the people who used to drive that stretch do not any more.

Queen is a good example of how we were willing for years to sacrifice our core neighbourhoods for the sake of 3-5 minutes of car travel for commuters. Many people coming down that hill to access the 403 should be using the Linc. That is why we built it.

Remember when King had a lane removed on the right (for construction) and another on the left (at Hess)? The worst backups were less than one block (and one light cycle) long.

Building streets for more people and fewer cars does not increase pollution, even if the cars that do use it spend a few more minutes on the street during rush hour - because the end result will be fewer car trips and more human trips throughout a 24 hour period.

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