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By tim (anonymous) | Posted June 01, 2012 at 11:40:25

These diagrams look nice, but not practical to real life. With these types of designs, it would take a significant longer time to travel from the west end to the east end. In addition, providing signal progression on a two way street is very difficult especially whem you have to take into consideration that over 25,000 vehicles travel on this route. Can you say "GRID LOCK" "POLLUTION" "FRUSTRATION" "EMERGENCY VEHICLES".

Just more flaws to the design above, there are no left turn lanes, everyone behind the left turning vehicles will wait a long time to conitinue on through an intersection. Then there are buses stopping, they too would hold up all the traffic behind. What about when there is a collision or a utility cut or repair on the street.

Doing such a change on Main Street.. how else would you get acrross the city??? The lower section of Hamilton is limited to the number of street that can be used to cross the street.

I applaud your attempt and your vision, but needs to be more practical.

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