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By Sellers (anonymous) | Posted June 02, 2012 at 10:19:48 in reply to Comment 77847

Going off Google Maps, it's mostly three blocks between Dundurn and Hess that would be impacted.

Between Strathcona and New: 3 driveways
Between Queen and Hess: 3 driveways
Between Queen and Pearl: 3 driveways
Between Hess and Summers: Construction TBD.

Between MacNab and Summers: 1 driveway
Between James and MacNab: 1 driveway
Between Hughson and James : 3 driveways
Between John and Hughson: 1 driveway
Between John and Catharine: 2-3 driveways
Between Catharine and Walnut: 2 driveways

Going off that, it seems to be at worst 3 cutouts per block, fewer downtown where density is highest and access is shared.

The biggest variable might be whether there's a bulk waste pickup, as at Select. A car's turn radius is obviously different than that of a garbage truck. But cutouts can always be generous.

Also: These barriers aren't intended as absolute protection, mostly a psychological environment that encourages pedestrian and cyclist culture.

Judging by the implementation timelines of 2001's Downtown Transportation Master Plan, if the city decided to do this today, the Queen-to-Dundurn stretch would be finished by 2022.

Obviously, tradition dictates that they vote to send it to a consultant to report back on the potential for implementation. So you might want to add another 12-36 months.

Still, something is better than nothing, and behind the curve is better than never. (Still awaiting word on whether that will replace "Together Aspite, Together Achieve".)

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