Comment 77866

By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted June 02, 2012 at 10:34:55 in reply to Comment 77832

THIS comment can only come from someone who has never driven on Main, or who is making things up.

I've driven on Main quite frequently. I even posted a video, on this blog, of my trip one day.

The whole "if a person catches a yellow" argument only holds true for those people who do, in fact, catch the yellow, and of those that catch the yellow they also have to be the type of driver who speeds 70 in a 50. The chances of that happening are much less than on a two way where the person can do the same thing at any given time.

Also, your argument about "every single time, 24 hours a day..." is completely false and totally impossible. Try it! or at least imagine trying it the next time you're driving that route. It is NOT possible all the time.. even most of the time... especially during the times when kids might be in the area. This is so because there are OTHER cars on the road, actually driving around 55km/h. Unless you're willing to push them out of your way, you are going to catch up to the wave of cars traveling 55 km/h very soon.

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