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By brendansimons (registered) | Posted June 03, 2012 at 00:32:55 in reply to Comment 77883

If you have a morning to spare, stand around Poulette and Main between 7 and 9 on a school day. You will count 20-30 people trying to walk across Main from Strathcona, or the other direction from Ray. These are Strathcona residents trying to catch a bus on Main, or Kirkendall residents trying to get to a King bus or Strathcona Jr. Public School. It is 250m either way to the nearest cross walk (1/2 km round trip) so most try to gun it across the five lanes between green waves (when you only have to dodge vehicles turning onto Main from Dundurn). I have seen more children nearly get run down by cars speeding down this section than I care to count.

Tell me what is enough to "warrant" more stop lights and crosswalks. The needs of through traffic, or the needs of the community?

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