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By BeulahAve (registered) | Posted June 07, 2012 at 13:08:23

This is a very important issue for a vulnerable segment of our population, and I thank you for sharing your concerns more widely. And for getting the word out about the national day of action.

The Harper government knows who its supporters are, and it has been successful at capitalizing on concerns for cost-saving measures (the F-35 fighter plane issue notwithstanding -- what irony!), especially when it comes to those are marginalized, not political active, and -- most notably -- not Canadian. If anything can convince this government to change its mind, it will be making some kind of business case for care now costing less than care later, as you have done. However, with the changes to refugee law coming into effect, the government is counting on many refugee claimants not being successful, and therefore not bearing those long-term costs at all because the claimants will no longer be in Canada.

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